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This is Duco

This is Duco. I call him my wonder doctor. Duco is kind of an osteopath, but so much more and personally I think the best there is. He has been in my studio several times now and it is such fun to see us grow towards a perfect portrait. People have to trust me to open up and show themself to me, and sometimes that happens within an instant and sometimes it just takes a little time. This is exactly the same for Duco’s work. Knowing each-other well can even make it harder sometimes... This is a portrait from our latest studio get-together and I can see us opening up (and having a laugh) more with every photo session.

If you are looking for the most professional, high performance, mission to serve practitioner, go and see him! I am sure he can help. (If you want a special portrait taken, just call me ;)



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